What we serve champagne in – several luxury products

what we serve champagne in

We all love the sparkling and delicate taste of this drink, but not everyone knows it what we serve champagne in. Today I am presenting several original products, without which champagne is like a scout without a fin…

The trend of tasting this drink is that it is extremely universal. It goes with virtually any dish. Whether it’s meat or fruit – a refreshing sip brings a moment of excitement and delight.

champagne containers
What do we serve champagne in – maybe a Renoir cork container?

Cool the champagne in the fridge. The second step is to place it on the table so that it reaches the appropriate temperature. Remember that the desired temperature is 5 – 9 degrees.

What we serve champagne in – some interesting products

There are a lot of containers on the market, unfortunately most of them are mass production. Of course, among them we will find small gems of applied art. They are often very similar to each other.

The cheapest ones are made of acrylic or, more generally speaking, a plastic-like material. Their durability is difficult to clearly characterize and describe. It’s definitely not the first species. However, some of them look very elegant.

how to chill and serve champagne
Acrylic champagne container from the Italian brand Renoir

What we serve champagne in has a significant impact on the decor of our interior. If we want to maintain luxury, let’s stick to reliable and exclusive products. I consider all containers made of good quality glass and crystal to be such.

Many manufacturers also add 24-carat gold. Which gives amazing results.

how we serve champagne 2
Luxurious champagne container – Cre Art brand – luxuryproducts.pl boutique

How do we serve champagne? Good quality drink = stylish container!

It’s hard to imagine serving expensive champagne in a glass bucket. That’s why there are products made of stainless steel. These coolers are often additionally silver-plated. Which also affects their price.

what to drink champagne in
Original champagne bucket

In such a bucket, each bottle will look original and prestigious. The second key factor is the fact that precious metals retain their temperature longer. That’s why so many connoisseurs are guided by purely technical considerations.

how to serve champagne
What we serve good champagne in is very important

My last most elite item is a bucket made of silver. The prices of such beauties range from a few to a dozen or even several dozen thousand zlotys. However, this what we serve champagne in, is important to many people.

luxury champagne containers
Silver-plated champagne container by Schiavon

Therefore, investing in a good quality container always pays off! Silver because it is also an investment material. So while diversifying their portfolio, people invest in this precious metal.

what to serve champagne in
Silver champagne tasting bucket

Good champagne costs money! Therefore, before we organize an exclusive party, let’s remember what we serve it with!