Is it worth investing in a condo hotel?

Is it worth investing in a condo hotel?

Investing in real estate, purchasing apartments for rent and apartments for tourists is one of the safest and most reliable ways of investing. capital. At least that’s the common opinion. However, while the private area of ​​purchasing and making money on real estate is quite common, condo hotels are still questionable. To begin with, considerations Is it worth investing in a condo hotel? you need to define what it is and consider the potential of this type of business over the years.

Is it worth investing in a condo hotel?

Every investor who has a large amount of capital to invest, at some stage, considers investing a certain amount in real estate. You don’t have to have over 200 tenement houses like Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders to make money on flats, houses, apartments or hotels.  You don’t have to be a hotel owner to invest in rooms. Condo hotels are a solution and an interesting option here.

So is it worth investing in a condo hotel? Condohotel is an interesting option for a safe investment in real estate. These buildings, often located in popular tourist destinations and large cities, offer the opportunity to generate income from rentals to tourists and people on business trips. Investors can count on certain profits, and the facility operator is responsible for maintaining the common areas. This relieves owners of everyday management responsibilities. However, compared to traditional rental apartments in larger cities, profits from condo hotels are more seasonal. They also depend on the quality of the operator’s service and the location of the investment.

What is a condo hotel?

A condohotel is a specific type of property that combines the features of a traditional hotel and a residential building. They can be found mainly in attractive tourist locations, such as seaside resorts or mountain resorts, although they are also found in big cities and business centers. In a condo hotel, individual rooms have the status of a separate legal entity – they have their own land and mortgage registers, which allows them to be purchased, sold and rented on principles similar to developer apartments.

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In a condo hotel, the buyer becomes the owner of a specific room, which he or she can use both for his or her own recreation or for short-term rental. This model allows owners to reap financial benefits from renting. Typically, contracts with the facility operator provide that the owner can use the property for a few weeks a year, while the rest of the time it is rented to guests, generating income for the owner.

Condo hotels represent the sector premium real estate. These investments are characterized by high standard of finish, luxury equipment and a wide range of hotel services, such as reception, room service, spa, restaurants and swimming pools. This is undoubtedly a premium market.

Hybrid condo hotels and aparthotels are gaining popularity in most large cities and holiday resorts around the world. They are a dynamically developing type of multifunctional real estate investment. In developed markets, condo hotels constitute from 10 to 20% of hotel facilities belonging to the premium segment, although there is considerable variation. In Bankok they constitute only 4%, while in seaside Miami as much as 40% of properties are condo hotels.

Why are condo hotels popular?

Condo hotels attract investors and operators hotel because of the benefits they offer to both parties. The hotel operator receives a finished and equipped hotel in a top location, while the investor gains the opportunity to safely invest capital with an attractive rate of return. Although a luxury resort can cost more than $500 million to build, demand for this type of property abroad remains steady. The vacation apartment market is booming, as seen in projects such as the Waikiki hotel in Hawaii, where all 500 apartments were sold on the first day for a total of $700 million.

Luxury condo hotels – an investment in prestige

Thanks to the infrastructure hotel, tailored services and the operator’s brand and experience, the condo hotel is an exclusive investment. This type of facilities ensure smooth generation of economic benefits for both the hotel manager and the owners of individual apartments.

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Throughout the world, condo hotels are popular in luxury resorts and tourist areas. Examples can be found in places such as Miami, where this type of property appeared in the 1950s, as well as in prestigious locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In many countries, condo hotels are valued by investors for their ability to diversify their portfolio and potentially higher profits compared to traditional real estate investments.

Real Estate Market 2024 – Potential and Threats

Investing in real estate remains an attractive option in 2024 despite the challenges of high interest rates, inflation and high housing supply. The real estate market offers a variety of investment opportunities that can bring long-term benefits, both in the commercial and residential sectors. Condo hotels, which are a unique combination of a hotel and an apartment, are also an interesting investment alternative.

How to invest in real estate in 2024?

  1. Purchase and rental of real estate:
    • Investing in rental properties, both commercial and residential, can bring you regular passive income. Popular options include apartments, single-family homes and commercial properties.
  2. Fix and Flip:
    • Buying, renovating and selling real estate (“fix and flip”) allows for quick profits, provided that renovation costs are skillfully managed and the location is selected appropriately.
  3. Condo hotels:
    • Investing in luxury hotel rooms or apartments in condo hotels allows you to use the property personally as well as generate income from short-term rental. This model reduces the owner’s responsibilities thanks to the facility being managed by a professional operator.
  4. Investment funds and private equity:
    • Investing through funds specializing in real estate or participating in private equity can be more diversified and less demanding in terms of management.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate in 2024


  • Value growth potential: Long-term appreciation in property values ​​can result in significant capital gains.
  • Passive income: Renting real estate provides regular income, which can be attractive, especially in times of low interest rates.
  • Diversification: Adding real estate to your investment portfolio allows you to diversify your risk.


  • High interest rates: They may increase financing costs and reduce investment profitability.
  • Seasonality of income: Especially in the case of condo hotels, income may be seasonal and dependent on the quality of facility management.
  • Real estate value fluctuations: Economic instability and changes in interest rates can affect property valuations.

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Despite some challenges, real estate still offers solid investment opportunities in 2024. It is crucial to thoroughly research the market, assess risks and adapt your investment strategy to current economic conditions.

Condo hotels – real estate on special terms

Condo hotels are an interesting form of investment, combining elements of a hotel and flats. Although the first such facility was built in the 1950s in Miami, condo hotels began to appear in Europe only in the 1990s. Is it worth investing in a condo hotel or is it better to look at other real estate markets?

Principles of investing in a condo hotel

The main difference between investing in a condo hotel and purchasing a traditional apartment is the type of contract. In the case of condo hotels, this is usually a preliminary agreement, not a development agreement. This difference is important because the preliminary agreement protects the buyer’s interests less and often lacks the developer’s obligations to conduct a technical audit and repair defects before finalizing the transaction.

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Facility management is a key element of the investment. The condo hotel operator is responsible for maintaining common areas, reception, advertising the facility and other duties related to the daily operation of the hotel. The investor has limited influence on management, which may be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is also worth paying attention to the distribution of profits. The most common models are 50/50 or 70/30 in favor of the owner of the premises, but costs related to taxes and property insurance must be taken into account.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in a condo hotel

One of the main advantages of investing in this type real estate It is possible to obtain a high rate of return, which, with a well-conducted investment, can be up to 10%. The investor does not have to manage the property personally, which is a significant convenience compared to traditional apartments for rent. Additionally, investing in real estate protects the capital against inflation, and the owner has the opportunity to use the premises in selected periods.

Unfortunately, condo hotels also have their disadvantages. Profits are limited by the duration of the contract with the operator, and VAT on hotel services applies at the full rate. It is also impossible to purchase such a property with a mortgage loan, and the price per square meter is higher than in developer condition. The investment also depends on the quality of the operator’s service. Therefore, this is a business for investors who have adequate financial resources and are ready for a return spread over time. So, is it worth investing in a condo hotel – it will be perfect as one of the investment methods? As the only one, not necessarily.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a property in a condo hotel?

When purchasing premises in a condo hotel, it is crucial to carefully read the terms of the preliminary contract and protect your interests. It is worth paying attention to the experience of the developer and operator of the facility as well as the management conditions. Advance payments and deposits can be high, so you should be prepared for such costs.

Is it worth investing in a condo hotel? It is certainly a good option for portfolio diversification and a way to generate stable income. Well, we have a sure place for a vacation.