What are Michelin Stars?
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The dream of obtaining Michelin stars accompanies many restaurateurs and chefs from around the world, and it is hardly surprising – it is one of the most prestigious awards in this industry. Places boasting at least one star begin to attract a much wider and more affluent clientele who expect unique taste experiences. What are Michelin stars? What are the criteria for awarding them and which restaurants can be proud of this distinction? If these questions bother you, read on – you will find the answers in the article below.

What are Michelin stars and what is their history?

If you associate the Michelin brand with the automotive industry, it’s no wonder – tire production is its foundation, and drivers were the first group of readers of the Michelin Guide. It was created to provide drivers with typically useful information. The first editions of the guide included maps, addresses of hotels, car repair shops and restaurants. Probably no one expected back then that the Michelin guides would have such a strong impact on the restaurant industry. That’s why today people who are looking for an idea for… 30th birthday gift or a wedding anniversary, they often go to a restaurant to celebrate these occasions. Many of them choose places with Michelin stars.

Archived Michelin Guide
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Michelin star system

Although it was only in the 1920s that Michelin stars began to be awarded to restaurants that stood out from others by the exceptional quality of the dishes served, it is still awarded today. Restaurants can earn from 1 to 3 stars depending on the impression they make on Michelin inspectors.

  • 1 Michelin star – is awarded to very good restaurants in their category. Restaurants with one star serve very good dishes made from the highest quality ingredients.
  • 2 Michelin stars – are awarded to outstanding establishments that serve dishes that reflect the personality, sophistication and finesse of the chef.
  • 3 Michelin stars – is the highest possible distinction in the Michelin star system. Therefore, it is awarded only to establishments serving dishes worthy of being called true culinary art.

Without a doubt, a visit to a restaurant with 1, 2 or 3 Michelin stars is a unique experience that can be treated as a kind of gift. If you need it gift idea for a man who already has everything, this could be a hit!

Former Michelin Guides
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Criteria for awarding Michelin stars

The exact criteria for awarding these distinctions are shrouded in mystery. The identity of the Michelin inspectors themselves is also not public – they are often people associated with the catering industry for years. As a result, the restaurant is officially assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of ingredients used and dishes served – Michelin stars are awarded only to restaurants that use the best fresh products. These are often higher-end products, such as the most expensive caviar or fresh seafood, but a more important issue than their price is the real quality.
  • Harmony of flavors – the menu must delight in every respect.
  • Masterful techniques of preparing and serving dishes – the dishes served should be exceptionally prepared and equally impressively presented.
  • Chef’s personality – should be noticeable in the dishes served in the restaurant.
  • Consistency of all elements that make up the experience during a visit to the premises – issues such as decor, quality and price of served dishes, and even service standards must harmonize with each other.

It is worth emphasizing that Michelin stars are not awarded only to the most expensive restaurants where it is served the most expensive champagne in the world, but also bistros – excellent dishes do not always have to be the most expensive ones.

Michelin Guide
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Who has Michelin stars in Poland?

The first Michelin star in the world was awarded in 1926, and the first star in Poland was awarded in 2013 to the Atelier Amaro restaurant from Warsaw. Since then, however, a lot has changed on the Polish culinary map, and more places have received Michelin stars. Some of them serve refined dishes, others are famous for local flavors. If you want to try new trends, such as golden food, fusion or molecular cuisine, start by familiarizing yourself with the menus of restaurants that have been included in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide.

Which restaurants in Poland have a Michelin star?

In 2024, the following 5 restaurants in Poland were awarded one Michelin star:

  • Arco by Paco Pérez – Gdańsk
  • Giewont – Kościelisko
  • Muga – Poznań
  • NOTE – Warsaw
  • Rozbrat 20- Warsaw

Because Michelin stars are not awarded indefinitely, individual restaurants that have been awarded them may gain or lose more stars over time.

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How many restaurants have 2 Michelin stars in Poland?

Two Michelin Stars
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Currently, only one restaurant in Poland can boast two Michelin stars – Bottiglieria 1881 from Krakow. So if you are looking for an original idea for… gift for a cooking fan, a visit to such a place can be an extraordinary experience.

Other Michelin awards and recommendations for restaurants in Poland

Finally, important information: Michelin stars are not the only awards given to restaurants. Awards are also a great distinction for catering establishments Bib Gourmand, green stars and Michelin recommendations. To sum up: in Poland, the above distinctions were awarded to many establishments. You will find various types of cuisine, drinks and unique drinks – for example non-alcoholic whiskey, a selection of refined wines and spirits from around the world.

Restaurants with the Bib Gourmand distinction in Poland:

  • Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Club – Ciekocinko
  • Hewelke – Gdańsk
  • Treinta y Très – Gdańsk
  • Folga – Kraków
  • MOLÁM – Krakow
  • Fromageria – Poznań
  • SPOT. – Poznań
  • TU.REStAURANT – Poznań
  • 1911 Restaurant – Sopot
  • Vinissimo – Sopot
  • alewino – Warsaw
  • Ceviche Bar – Warsaw
  • Glasses on Próżna Street – Warsaw
  • Connoisseur Grill – Warsaw
  • contact – Warsaw
  • Le Braci – Warsaw

Michelin-recommended restaurants in Poland:

  • Elixir – Gdańsk
  • Fino – Gdansk
  • Mercato – Gdańsk
  • Non-art – Gdansk
  • Piwna47 – Gdańsk
  • Ritz – Gdańsk
  • True – Gdańsk
  • Tygle – Gdańsk
  • Butchery & Wine – Gdynia
  • Oberża 86 – Gdynia
  • Albertina – Krakow
  • Amaryllis – Krakow
  • Artesse – Krakow
  • Copernicus – Kraków
  • Farina – Krakow
  • Filipa 18 – Kraków
  • Fiorentina – Krakow
  • Hana Sushi – Krakow
  • Character – Krakow
  • Kogel Mogel – Kraków
  • Dot. – Cracow
  • Mazi – Krakow
  • Nami Beef and Reef – Kraków
  • NOTA_RESTO by Tomasz Leśniak – Kraków
  • Under the Nose – Kraków
  • Under the Rose – Krakow
  • Szara – Kraków
  • Tab – Kraków
  • Zazie – Krakow
  • 62 Bar & Restaurant – Poznań
  • A knife and a fork – Poznań
  • Cucina – Poznań
  • Delicacy – Poznan
  • Marino Bistrot – Poznań
  • NOOKS – Poznań
  • Papavero – Poznań
  • PASODOBRE – Poznań
  • Port Sołacz – Poznań
  • The Time – Poznań
  • Zen On – Poznań
  • Café Xander – Sopot
  • Fisherman – Sopot
  • L’Entre Villes – Sopot
  • Without Stars – Warsaw
  • Butchery & Wine – Warsaw
  • Dilettantes – Warsaw
  • elixir by Dom Wódki – Warsaw
  • Epoka – Warsaw
  • European Grill – Warsaw
  • hub.praga – Warsaw
  • Museum – Warsaw
  • Nolita – Warsaw
  • Noriko Omakase – Warsaw
  • The Farm – Warsaw
  • Tuna – Warsaw

Venues with a green Michelin star:

  • Elixir – Gdańsk

As you can see, larger cities clearly dominate the culinary map of Poland with distinctions, recommendations and Michelin stars: Kraków, Warsaw, Gdynia, Poznań and Gdańsk. If you are visiting mainly exclusive restaurants in the capital, maybe it’s time to take a look at the other towns and places on the list.

Is it worth visiting Michelin-starred restaurants?

An elegant way of serving dishes
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You may still be asking yourself this question, and if you are a lover of refined flavors and excellent service, there can only be one answer: yes! There is no doubt that visits to restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars or other awards are a real feast of flavors. At the same time, you can share this time with your loved ones or… give them a trip to such a place. For what occasion? Even as a gift for newlyweds instead of flowers or as an anniversary gift. In fact, any excuse is good enough to visit an elegant restaurant in good company, and restaurants awarded Michelin are a guarantee of taste and good service.