A new skyscraper in Warsaw – Upper One

New Skyscraper In Warsaw Upper One
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In the bustling capital city, a new skyscraper, Upper One, rises to the sky, marking a new era in urban architecture. New skyscraper in Warsaw – Upper One is not only an impressive structure, but also a symbol of innovation, sustainable development and future visions. Upper One also relies on the latest technologies to ensure maximum safety for its users. Get to know the rising symbol of Warsaw’s progress, which combines aesthetics with functionality, creating a space that inspires and delights.

A new skyscraper in Warsaw – Upper One

Designed by a team of world-class architects, Upper One is intended to become the focal point of a modern business center. The place attracts both domestic and international companies and investors.

Upper One is modern and technologically advanced an office building, which is located in the center of Warsaw, at Aleja Jana Pawła II 23, on the border of Śródmieście and the rapidly developing Wola district. Interestingly, it was here, in the 1990s, that Warsaw’s business culture was born. Today, UPPER ONE creates a new face of the capital’s office landscape. By setting trends, it becomes a contemporary reference point for newly emerging investments. It brings freshness and innovation to the concept of a modern workplace. What is unique about the new skyscraper in Warsaw – Upper One?

New Skyscraper In Warsaw Interior

Advanced technologies and sustainable development

UPPER ONE, designed by the renowned Medusa Group studio, is an example of a building that combines modern technologies with ecological solutions. Intelligent building management systems, advanced ventilation and heating systems and energy consumption optimization make UPPER ONE a symbol of a modern, sustainable office building. These innovative technologies not only contribute to environmental protection, but also ensure the highest level comfort for its users.

Comfort and ergonomics of work

The UPPER ONE project focuses on human needs and comfort. The interior of the office building has been designed to ensure maximum functionality and comfort. Spacious, flexible office space allows for any arrangement, tailored to the individual needs of tenants. Moreover, the building has modern conference rooms, relaxation areas and restaurants, which create ideal conditions for work and rest.

Unique architecture

The architectural design of UPPER ONE, created by Medusa Group, is characterized by an elegant and slim silhouette that fits perfectly into the Warsaw landscape. High-quality materials used to build the facade emphasize prestige and the modernity of this building. UPPER ONE architecture is a combination of aesthetics and functionality that introduces a new quality to Warsaw’s urban space.

New Skyscraper In Warsaw

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How Upper One ensures safety: Innovative solutions and technologies

The Upper One building’s priority is the health and safety of its users. To create a work environment that supports health and ensures highest level of comfort and safety, a number of advanced technologies and innovative solutions were used.

Air ionization

Air ionization in Upper One significantly reduces the presence of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Additionally, it neutralizes odors and allergens, which helps to improve the air quality inside the building. This type of purified air not only minimizes the risk of infection, but also positively affects the health of users, improving their concentration and well-being.

Highly effective air filtration

Upper One is equipped with air filtration systems that effectively protect against smog and PM 1.5 and PM 2 pollen. Thanks to this, people staying in the building can enjoy clean air, free from harmful substances, which is especially important in large cities, such as Warsaw.

Self-cleaning door handles

To ensure maximum hygiene, self-cleaning door handles are used in the toilets available on the ground floor and in the bicycle locker rooms. This innovative solution minimizes the risk of transmitting germs, which is especially important in… places with heavy traffic.

Adiabatic humidification

Upper One’s adiabatic humidification system is both efficient and energy-saving. This technology reduces the consumption of electricity and water, while ensuring an optimal level of air humidity. This has a positive effect on the health and comfort of users.

Advanced access control

Upper One introduces modern solutions in the field of access control. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC technology, users can easily and safely open doors on the way to the rental space and bicycle locker rooms. Automatically opening doors eliminate the need to touch door handles, which increases hygiene and safety.

Long range readers

For the convenience of users, the building is equipped with long-range readers that use cameras that read vehicle registration numbers. This innovative solution enables quick and trouble-free entry to the facility, increasing the comfort and safety of users.

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