A toolbox for the president’s desk – luxury by a Spanish manufacturer

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Have you ever wondered how elegant it is? toolbox for the president’s desk can be made of walnut wood, 24-carat gold, zinc alloy and high-quality Pb ​​24% crystal glass?

If not, in this article I will try to present this unique product from a certain factory straight from Spain. Something very classic, and at the same time bringing a great breath of freshness and extraordinary aesthetics to a classic office. An item that will bring a lot of good and true prestige with its shine.

Because that’s what we want, when we purchase such fine products, we want our interiors to reflect our status and delight with real quality.

Toolbox for the president’s desk – Credan Sa brand

This timeless and extremely luxurious product is a product of the Credan Sa brand, which specializes in hand-made, stylish and very exclusive desk organizers.

The wooden desk holder for the president is called Shakespeare, which includes a beautiful lacquered walnut base, a large and heavy crystal inkwell. covered with 24 carat gold and an elegant pen.

An extremely prestigious and impressive item, but above all, handmade, with attention to the smallest details.These details and quality of workmanship reflect the high craftsmanship of Spanish craftsmen who, out of love for art, made this beautiful and elegant desk pen holder.

An elegant toolbox for the president’s desk with twelve layers of varnish

Yes, you read that right! We look for and offer only the best-made goods, and these are hand-made products. Multi-generational factories love to design spectacular and beautiful objects.

This beautiful toolbox for the president’s desk has been varnished with twelve layers of special varnish – which gives a better effect than expected. Standing on stylish desk, varnished walnut wood gives an incredible impression of elegance and prestige!

The varnish not only gives a sense of style, but also protects against the effects of time – this is very important when used for a long time.

A toolbox for the president’s desk – Shakespeare and crystal glass?

The Credansa brand wanted to name its top product uniquely and adequately to the originality of this work of art – that is why it took the name from the greatest playwright of all time – William Shakespeare. I think the name perfectly reflects the luxury that this Spanish desk box for the president undoubtedly is.

Crystal glass, on the other hand, is also called lead glass, because the introduction of lead into the structure brings about an incredible change in a number of properties. Among other things, the unusual refraction of light or its refractive index.

The sun’s rays touching this structure create a unique and one-of-a-kind spectacle.An elegant toolbox for the president’s desk – for the love of luxurious offices

Desk toolbox for the president - for the love of luxurious offices
crystal inkwell
toolbox for the director's desk
luxury toolbox for the president

Users of their offices care about luxurious furniture, carpets, and beautiful lighting, but they forget about one important thing – the desk. What is on it reflects the owner himself and the position he currently holds.

Original and functional accessories, such as sets or an elegant stationery for the president’s desk, will increase the prestige of the place where they will be located. An empty desk top doesn’t look good enough, and certainly not professional…

Therefore, let’s think carefully when we plan the arrangement of our future office, because the details will determine our success.Therefore, I wish you to take care of your image and make the best possible first impression!