Paris brought to life – Balenciaga Resort 2024


Balenciaga, a brand that likes to surprise, and not always in a positive way. Known for her distinctive and bold designs, often characterized by oversized silhouettes, unexpected proportions and a mixture of streetwear and high fashion influences.Balenciaga Resort 2024 Collection it is not an ordinary collection either, and its format is certainly something innovative. With its latest project, the brand it exudes an aesthetic related to urban life and mobility. And all this under the birthplace of the brand’s Paris headquarters in 1937.

After many scandals in which she was at the center Balenciaga, for some time now the brand seems to have been successfully improving its image. And so, despite a temporary decline in media approval, it still has a strong position on the luxury fashion market. It has been developing consistently since 2015 under creative management Demny Gvasalia, who introduced a fresh, modern approach to fashion in advance. Demna surprised and delighted us this year as well. What exactly is the Balenciaga Resort 2024 collection?

Balenciaga Spring 24 Look 3 1600
The collection photographed under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Unusual everyday life

The brand is known for its extremely spectacular shows, full of panache and special effects. A perfect example would be the spring/summer 2023 show, a runway stuck in mud. However, this time Balenciaga decided to go outside the box once again and present its collection in a slightly different way. So she launched her Resort 2024 “Capital B” collection via a time-lapse video and in it models took on the role of passers-by who carried out their daily activities in sophisticated clothing.

Interestingly, the pedestrians are captured entwining with each other, but not interacting. They also do not respond to stimuli from the outside world, such as sun or rain. The film perfectly captures the rhythm of Paris, some people talk to friends, others walk, and still others deliver parcels. Demna, inspired by the energy of the street, places models on the sidewalk posing as businessmen, busy couriers or students. He observes their daily rhythm, creating a kaleidoscope of fragments from everyday life. The designer decided to symbolically capture the iconic Le Dix, which remains untouched even as time and life outside continue.

Balenciaga Resort 2024 – the spirit of the brand wrapped in the facades of the city

The five-minute film was directed in one continuous take by Mau Morgó. This type of promotion of the collection is intended to emphasize that Balenciaga “Capital B” is for everyone, anywhere and at any time. Regardless of whether the sun is shining in the sky, whether it is raining, whether you are just getting off the bus, crossing the street with full bags, or rushing to a meeting, Balenciaga offers you clothes that skillfully combine the runway with your everyday wardrobe.

However, it can be rightly noted that the silhouettes dressed in black posing on the picturesque balconies of Paris do not directly match the spring aesthetics of the film. They are characters undoubtedly created by Demna, who once again managed to smuggle Balenciaga – sensual, but slightly dark and filled with underground energy. The latest Balenciaga resort 2024 collection screams that the catwalk is everywhere, every day. Sporty pieces like hoodies are lined with checks, while tailored pieces feature sharp cuts and luxurious materials. The brand shows that even evening wear can be tamed thanks to practical fabrics. What Balenciaga created gives us a substitute for everyday life dressed in luxurious uniqueness.

Balenciaga Spring 24 Look 42
Balenciaga Resort 2024 ”Capital B”