Dior will dress music business students

Dior will dress music business students
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Uniforms are a frequently used measure at school or university that aims to introduce equality and uniformity among students. And although they are associated with a pair of stockings, a shirt, or a too-tight jacket, they can be much more. It turns out that in cooperation with rapper Jason “IDK” Mills and the non-profit organization No Label, the French luxury fashion house will create unique uniforms for 25 students. These will be participants of an “innovative educational course” as part of the No Label Academy. Where did this idea come from and why exactly? Dior will dress music business students?

“A hole in the education system”

IDK is the stage name of an American rapper and record producer whose real name is Jason Aaron Mills. His music is known for touching on many important issues, such as violence, racism, social inequality and corruption. The rapping style itself is unique intelligent lyrics and unconventional flow. In 2017, he released his debut studio album, “IWASVERYBAD,” which brought the rapper significant recognition in the music industry. Since then, IDK has continued his career, releasing albums and maintaining his unique artistic identity.

Fashion And Education Dior Will Dress Music Business Students 1
Fashion and education – Dior will dress music business students
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Some time ago, the rapper started cooperation with a well-known non-profit organization that worked with artists such as Saweetie and Travis Scott. The free course project was created in the rapper’s mind due to his own past and not the best experiences. “Basically I saw a hole in the education system that didn’t really serve people from a different background ” – said the 31-year-old rapper. Sam believes that this two-week course will offer an “unforgettable learning experience” for students in America who want to build their future in the music business. The seminar, open to BIPOC students aged 18 to 25, will be held located at Northwest Labs at Harvard University.

Good clothing is essential – Dior will dress music business students

But where does the exclusive fashion house come into play in all this? “I think about it this way: Growing up, I didn’t like school at all. An Ivy League education was impossible – I didn’t even think I’d graduate from high school, and technically, I didn’t actually graduate. So I said, what would make someone like that How would I care about education?” IDK continued. “The reason I went to school in the first place was to dress nicely. I loved the feeling that people liked what I was wearing.”

It seems that the answer is already simple. Clothes have power, and in this case, they also have a chance to instill emotion in education. As part of this noble initiative, Dior will dress music business students in exclusive uniforms. This uniform will consist of: sweatshirt, Sea Island cotton T-shirt and chino trousers. Each piece will feature the signature Dior patch and will appear in Harvard colors: burgundy, navy blue, blue and cream. Additionally, the offer is complemented by Dior Explorer loafers with a CD diamond or diagonal Dior motifs.

Unusual Dior Uniforms Will Dress Music Business Students
Unusual uniforms – Dior will dress music business students
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IDK stated that this is just the beginning for No Label Academy. “I would like to do this for longer than just 10 days, longer than just a semester, and longer than just Harvard. My goal within 10 years is to be in all 50 states, at Ivy League, HBCU and D1 schools. I would be able to create a program that others could teach. The education program undoubtedly seems to combine all the best – sheds light on the need to increase equality, helps inspire more people to aspire to a career in the music industry, and also through reliable tailoring allows young people to feel better during everyday challenges.