A blast of winter – Burberry fall/winter collection 2023

Burberry Fall Winter 2023 Collection
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Even though it’s still summer outside, designers are not sleeping, preparing their collections for the second half of the year. The luxury fashion house Burberry decided not to wait any longer and presented its winter version to the world on Wednesday. Burberry fall/winter 2023 collection shot by Tyrone Lebon in beautiful British locations. We could see wonderful styles on the island Skye in Scotland and on the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. The campaign was created with a strong emphasis on Burberry’s British DNA. What has Daniel Lee, the new creative director of the brand, prepared for this year’s winter?

Through the lens of Tyron Lebon - Burberry fall/winter 2023 collection
Through the lens of Tyron Lebon – Burberry fall/winter 2023 collection
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Burberry in a new version

After the spring/summer 2023 collection show, the brand announced that its current creative director, Riccardo Tisci, is stepping down. During his career at Givenchy, Tisci has gained recognition for his innovative designs that combine elements of haute couture with streetwear. After joining Burberry in 2018, his task was to revitalize the brand and transform it into a modern and global brand. And he certainly succeeded in doing so. However, his place was taken by a young designer who also had considerable experience in the industry

Daniel Lee gained notoriety in the fashion industry with his innovative and sophisticated designs for the Bottega Veneta brand. He has been the creative director of the Italian fashion house since June 2018. Under Lee’s leadership, Bottega Veneta has undoubtedly become one of the most desirable fashion houses. His work has gained recognition in the fashion world, and Lee has received numerous awards, including Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2019.

Out of This World Burberry Fall Winter 2023 Collection
Out of this world – Burberry fall winter 2023 collection
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It can be seen that the new director has been introducing sweeping changes to the brand’s visual identity since he took over from Riccardo Tisci. While his debut campaign for Burberry focused on London, the winter campaign was aimed at a reflection of the brand’s founding principle, i.e. effective protection while exploring the outside world and capturing the “spirit of exploration and adventure”.

Burberry 2023 collection – native landscape beauty

Daniel Lee chose for his latest collection two extraordinary locations, guided by their mysterious, epic beauty. Although these are very different places, both are distinctly British. Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides archipelago, known for its beautiful landscapes, castles and small fishing villages. The Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the north coast of Northern Ireland. There are 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that were created by the eruption of an ancient volcano.

In this undoubtedly breathtaking scenery, we could observe members of the Burberry family. They appeared in the campaign, among others Faye Wei Wei, Jake Hodder, Kesewa Aboah and Kit Butler. The Burberry 2023 fall/winter collection, which appeared less than two weeks after the spring premiere, took us to a completely different world full of icy peaks, vast stretches of greenery, as well as the world of convenience and comfort that everyone craves during winter expeditions.

British beauty - Burberry fall winter 2023 collection
British beauty – Burberry fall winter 2023 collection
source: designscene.net

What was the Burberry 2023 fall/winter collection like?

The latest campaign presents a typical outdoor wardrobe that is designed to protect, warm and uplift the spirit. They also join the typical Burberry trench coats field jackets and blankets, while argyle sweaters are combined with wellies, tights and turtlenecks. There were also statement pieces in pink and duck patterns, the latter of which featured heavily on Lee’s fall runway.

Also heavily exposed Knight handbag, i.e. the new hero of the brand, which has recently gained enormous popularity. Its soft style adds elegance and sophistication with which the brand always presents itself. Additionally, it is equipped with a clip and depicts a charging horse from the updated one Equestrian Knight design by Burberry. It is also extremely functional, it can be used both as a shoulder bag and as a shoulder bag. The Burberry 2023 fall/winter collection surprises with its form, but still, as befits the brand creates a strong vision and creates fashion narratives, putting Britishness first.