Burberry with a new “Year of Rabbit” campaign

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The British luxury fashion house Burberry is known for its extremely well-thought-out advertising campaigns. The brand always involves a team of people in its productions and builds a unique atmosphere around the latest collections. Last year we witnessed “The Night Before” campaign, full of excitement and anticipation for the holidays. This time Burberry presents the world with something completely different. The 2023 campaign is inspired Chinese New Year and reveals a clothing collection in which the rabbit motif plays a special role.

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Year of the Rabbit, what changes will it bring?

On January 22, according to the Chinese horoscope, we will enter the next year, not coincidentally called the Year of the Rabbit. This is because the water rabbit will be his patron. According to Chinese astrology, animal signs of the zodiac have been determining human fate for thousands of years. The coming year of the Rabbit is to be full of harmony and order, according to the Chinese, it will allow you to catch your breath and temporarily stop in the constant rush. The Year of the Rabbit is also supposed to bring abundance, realization of passions and successes, as well as fulfillment of dreams. And all this after the difficult and chaotic year of the Tiger that we experienced in 2022.

It seems that this is the message Burberry is trying to reflect in its latest clothing collection. It is also said that the brand welcomes a new perspective and wants to spread it to its consumers. With the new campaign, he encourages people to: “experiences of the extraordinary to find confidence, passion and creativity”. However, is this utopian main idea visible in the clothes of the upcoming collection?

A classic monogram with a fun twist

No one will be surprised that the rabbit is a key motif running through the entire collection, in various versions inspired by popular cartoons. However, Thomas Burberry chose an interesting and slightly funny accent. Well, the classic monogram of the brand designed by Riccardo Tisci, he turned it into rabbit ears. In the latest collection, they will decorate women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, but also the iconic Lola bag and accessories.

Graphic prints of rabbits appear on dresses with an elegant bow accent, long-sleeved polo shirts and slim leggings, among others. The ever-on-trend Varsity jackets also arrive this time in a strong color palette of bright red and navy blue, with Burberry’s tribute to the Year of the Rabbit visible on the chest. Additionally, the designer experimented with the form of the monogram itself. Thus, some of the bunny motifs are placed back to back, so that the ears come together in a heart shape, while others sit atop the Burberry logo.

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However, this humorous redesign of the collection is not the only highlight of the campaign The Year of Rabbit 2023. Burberry’s efforts go deeper than just the collection – the brand decided to honor the Year of the Rabbit with a video clip. The recording features actors Qi Xi, Shi Pengyuan and athlete Zhao Lina, and photos were taken by director Zik Liu and photographer Sky. The triptych is an additional commentary on the three characters’ search for freedom, as each of them engages in a visual dialogue about creativity. The entire campaign heralds a new era full of success for the British brand Burberry. The media already shows the love of the project by both critics and supporters of the fashion house.