Gift idea for VIP – Elephant for writing

gift idea for VIP

Many of our customers ask us – do you have one? gift idea for VIP? yes, of course we have 100,000 luxury concepts for this purpose! And imagine, most of the recipients were really satisfied and honestly surprised by the prestige of the product.

Very Important Person is a very important person, due to his position or wealth. These are people who have seen and touched more than one luxurious thing in their lives. So when you want to make an impression, please don’t mess it up….

Gift idea for a VIP

Does it have to be standard like an engraved Asian glass carafe? Or maybe a broken record, like a basket full of surprises… well, probably not! I would like you to surprise, give something more of yourself and really sharpen your sense of quality.

After all, when you have everything within your reach, standard gifts will not impress anyone. And as we know, the first impression is the most important. From experience, I see that a large part of these gifts are for very important contractors in creating a good business.

Therefore, do not expect success after giving mediocrity, it will certainly not attract your attention. Giving times bottles of vodka they were very humorous and we certainly remember them, but something more could be done.

Gift idea for a VIP – a luxurious pen

Today I would like to introduce you to a very unique and extremely original brand pen Ursa, which is undoubtedly a hit when it comes to super premium gifts. Maybe a few words about the Italian factory that made this beautiful product.

Urso is one of those brands that can always surprise us. They have been creating luxury continuously since 1985 in the form of extravagant lighters, cufflinks, or the above-mentioned writing utensils.

They do it with great passion, which always accompanies Italian producers, with great reverence and tradition. Which, of course, translates into the final appearance of the product.

For me, Urso always works well when it comes to a gift idea for a VIP. Such companies create the true epitome of luxury, that’s why we love them so much!

Gift idea for a VIP – technical data of the pen

The product itself is a limited edition, so it is like wine and does not lose its value. This is not mass production of chocolate wafers…..

The Elephant model is made of the highest quality materials, i.e. resin, bronze, white 18-carat gold and silver.The nib itself is also made of hand-engraved white gold.

Down feathers there is a dedicated foot in the shape of an elephant leg. Noteworthy is a beautiful lacquered wooden box that perfectly represents its contents.

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Gift idea for a VIP – the most important first impression

When I touched and held Elephant for the first time, I knew from its massive size that it was a very luxurious feather. The balance and weight aroused incredible emotions in me.

And this is an idea for a gift for a VIP, it is a shot, a hit, something that cannot be achieved with a mediocre gift. It really makes a huge impression, believe me!

An important element of the whole puzzle is the packaging, we certainly have nothing to be ashamed of here. Additionally, we can try a nameplate with a dedication inside the box, a note, or an engraving on the box itself.

As a Team Luxury Products we know how important quality is, which is why we pack all gift products in Italian gift paper. This is the icing on the cake and a fantastic icing on the cake.

We love luxury and enjoy it every day, the Urso brand pen is undoubtedly one of its elements.