How to clean silver – new and old methods

how to clean silver properly?

Do you know how to clean silver?

One of the most frequently used precious metals for jewelry production is silver. Jewelry made of it is beautiful, classic, but above all, unique and stylish.

Silver adds charm to every woman, regardless of the circumstances: a party, an important event, a meeting with friends or just an autumn walk, but in order to shine in every situation, you need to remember the most important thing, namely: how to clean silver?

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How to clean silver – proven methods

Old ways to clean silver

Our grandmothers and even great-grandmothers who used heirloom silver on a daily basis knew how to clean silver best. So far, one of the most popular methods was the one using toothpaste and toothbrushes. It involved simply massaging the paste into the jewelry, but it was directly related to the possibility of scratching the structure of the ring or bracelet.

The second one involved using ash, but, as in the previous case, there was a high risk of scratching the jewelry.

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Make your silver shine

Modern methods of cleaning silver

More modern, everyday methods will tell all jewelry lovers how to clean silver without worrying about its appearance. Place several layers of aluminum foil in the glass dish so that it also covers the sides halfway.

After pouring boiling water into the vessel, add 5 teaspoons of salt for each liter of water. It is very important to maintain these proportions, because how to clean silver effectively depends on maintaining the proportions.

Once you have salted the water, wash the jewelry you want to clean under lukewarm running water with soap to remove any greasy stains and other dirt.

How to clean our silver in the next stage of this activity?

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Old methods for cleaning silver

Just place the previously washed item in the prepared solution and you can almost immediately see the black coating disappear from the jewelry. After removing it, wash the jewelry again under running water and you can enjoy the beauty of your favorite chain or bracelet again.

This is a fantastic method because it is completely non-invasive – it does not cause micro-damage to the cleaned jewelry and does not negatively affect other decorations.

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Now you can sit down at the table

The presented method answers the question that bothers millions of people: how to clean silver? In addition, it also tells you how to clean silver products while taking care of its delicate structure!