Investing in art – is Art Banking for you?

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Do you love surrounding yourself with luxurious, valuable items and want to turn your passion into a long-term investment? Excellent. Investing in art is for you.

Do you love the works of artists from École de Paris, the acclaimed works of Zdzisław Beksiński or Stanisław Wyspiański? Or maybe you prefer to discover the works of young artists?

The art market has gained an investment dimension and is becoming not only more attractive, but also more and more open to both artists and art lovers. Moreover, if we invest well, we can only focus on increasing the value of the work.

Investing in art – two paths

investing in art banking

What should we take into account when planning to… investment in art? The answer is simple: knowledge of art and old stock exchange wisdom. Before purchasing, it is best to take into account three criteria for selecting works: your own taste, acceptable investment risk and budget possibilities. We must also remember that the costs of a work of art include handling costs in the form of protection, conservation and insurance of the purchased work. Especially if we focus on works of art that are still undervalued in Poland today: those from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Is investing in art profitable?

We can treat purchasing a work of art as a way to diversify your investment portfolio. It is worth investing in art not only because it is profitable. It is, above all, elitist; an investor in this special market becomes a connoisseur, a participant of cultural life in its most luxurious dimension. The art market is an excellent field of maneuver both for those who hope to make a profit and for those who can afford to take artistic risks.

Investment in art – portfolio diversification in the long term.

We can choose works by famous artists whose works have already gained historical value. By enriching our own collection, we can also decide to buy works by young artists who are currently working on their reputation. Specialists see an opportunity for private investors to purchase such works. Buying a young work of art is quite a temptation, as investing in it may pay off as interest in the young artist increases. Example? Wilhelm Sasnal’s works have long since achieved prices too high for the Polish market and are very popular abroad.

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Capital stabilization or investment with a thrill – both paths suit the art lover. When choosing one of these two paths of investing in art, we must know that these are paths that may bring profits only after some time, and those who want immediate earnings may be disappointed.

Therefore, it should be remembered that the qualities of a good art investor include not only specialist knowledge, aesthetic sense, common sense, but also patience. However, this feature should not be surprising. Contemplation of true art requires a combination of sensitivity and patience of discovery.

Art Concierge – Investing in art with a good advisor

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With the growing interest in the art market, a new market of services is emerging, whose entities are supposed to help in purchasing works. Why is it worth choosing Luxury Art Banking? Because it provides a comprehensive service: a specialized company is responsible for the security of the transaction, provides information about the market and prestigious galleries, and can also represent the buyer during art auctions. Art Concierge can introduce a new dimension to the art market and show the investor a previously unknown area of ​​timeless luxury.