Fashion, money, love and crime and a parrot – what is Lady Gucci doing now?

What Lady Gucci Is Doing Now

She refused to work even in prison, saying she had never worked in her life, so she wouldn’t work now either – even though it would get her parole. While serving her sentence, she kept a ferret in her prison chamber, even though it was forbidden to have animals. After serving her sentence, she became the star she always was, and she hired a hitman to eliminate her “problematic” husband because, as she said, she was afraid that she would miss. Here is the most famous black widow of the fashion world, Patrizia Reggiani, aka Lady Gucci. Films such as House of Gucci with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in the main roles, or Lady Gucci: the story of the black widow (2020) make the name Gucci not only appear on catwalks, but also in press headlines. What is Lady Gucci doing now after being released from prison?

Gucci Family Secrets – Love, Prestige, Crime

Fashion evokes many emotions. When still to success on the catwalk and money, prestige, we add emotions – love, jealousy, pride – an explosive mixture is created. The short history of the turbulent relationship under the Gucci banner is as follows.

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Patrizia and Mauritzio, the perfect couple – photo:

Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci met at the University of Milan when they were 22 years old. She was the beautiful daughter of a waitress, spoiled by her stepfather, he was the shy son of the famous actor Rodolfo Gucci. Although they fell in love at first sight, Maurizio ignored his father, who advised him against a relationship with the capricious Patrizia. The wedding in 1972 resulted in Maurizio’s immediate disinheritance by his father. However, Aldo Gucci, Maurizio’s uncle, offered them work and support in New York.

Patrizia quickly gained a reputation for extravagance. She was nicknamed “Tutankhamun” because of her love of gold jewelry. She herself used to say: “I’d rather cry in a Rolls-Royce than be happy on a bicycle.” In 1976, she gave birth to Alessandra, and five years later Allegra.

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Beautiful black widow – photo:

Conflicts in the Gucci family were growing, and the biggest scandal broke out after Maurizio left Patrizia for a younger lover, offering her alimony of $500,000 a year – an amount that Patrizia could spend in a week. When she learned about Maurizio’s marriage plans, she decided to order his murder. Her pride would not allow her to accept such a slap. On March 27, 1995, Maurizio was shot dead in Milan. Patrizia paid $400,000 for ordering the murder, but as a result she spent 18 years in prison.

What is Lady Gucci doing now?

After serving her sentence in very luxurious conditions and in the company of her beloved ferret, Patrizia was released in 2016. What is Lady Gucci doing now? Common sense would suggest that as a murderess, a notorious loser, she should be removed and moved into the shadows. However, nothing happens and Patrizia lives in luxury. She is in demand and as popular as in the best times. Since 2026, two films have been made, one fiction and the other documentary about Lady’s story Gucci. Both enjoy great success and interest, just like the private life of a black widow with the Gucci badge.


Patrizia Reggiani, known as “Lady Gucci”, served 18 years of her sentence for ordering the murder of her husband, Maurizio Gucci. After being released from prison for good behavior, Reggiani, despite initial difficulties, adapted to the new reality. While behind bars, she grew flowers, made friends with other prisoners, and was even allowed to keep a ferret in her cell. She also applied for parole, but she rejected it because the condition was to work outside prison. She said then: “I’ve never worked in my life and I don’t see any reason to start now.” What is Lady Gucci doing now, a few years after being released from prison?

Career and popularity

After being released from prison, Patrizia started a new life, although away from her daughters and her estate. “They don’t understand me and have cut me off from money. I was left with nothing and I didn’t meet my two grandchildren,” she said in one of the interviews. However, she soon found employment as a fashion consultant at Bozart, where she created, among others, a collection of rainbow handbags. Interestingly, they sold very well, and customers are still looking for Gucci handbags without a tag Gucci. The fact that she is guilty of her husband’s murder paradoxically does not hinder her career at all. She currently lives in Milan, where she can be seen in exclusive boutiques, of course with a parrot on her shoulder.

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Since her release, Patrizia has continued to live in the luxury that has always been her goal. Moreover, with a pension of £1 million a year, she can afford to shop at Dolce & Gabbana. Photographers often capture her shopping in expensive boutiques, dressed in elegant clothes, although often with the help of assistants. At 76, she has trouble walking. In an interview, she expressed her irritation with the film House of Gucci and the fact that Lady Gaga, who played her, did not have “the tact or sense to get to know me in person”.

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Reggiani still maintains that she did not order her husband’s murder, saying: “I told many people that I wanted him dead. But I didn’t imagine it could actually happen.” However, when one of the reporters asked her why she hired an assassin instead of killing Maurizio herself, she replied: “I have bad eyesight, I didn’t want to miss.” Reggiani, despite the passage of time, remains a controversial and intriguing person.

Lady Gucci with a parrot on her shoulder

Interestingly, Patrizia is currently the most recognizable person in the family Gucci. Although they wanted to deprive her of the rights to use the name of the famous family, these attempts failed. Whether she is legally Gucci or Reggiani, she is the one who creates the popular image of Gucci. Colorful and interesting like few others.

What is Lady Gucci doing now? She is seen shopping and is constantly accompanied by flashes. Of course, in creations of world brands, with a parrot on her shoulder. She is the star she always was, and the murderess tag didn’t cover the Gucci tag next to her name.