Exclusive cakes and desserts – find out their prices

Exclusive cakes and desserts

Why only a few can afford exclusive cakes and desserts? The answer is very simple – because for the average person they cost a fortune.

Are you a fan of sweets? Great! Today’s text is entirely devoted to sweets and sweets, but with this important detail that we will present exclusive cakes and desserts from all over the world!

Chocolate and jelly sponge cakes are a thing of the past! See how millionaires sweeten their sad moments!

luxury cakes
Exclusive cakes and desserts are a unique moment for the palate

Exclusive cakes and desserts with gold

Frozen chocolate with gold is a great idea for winter evenings that you will never forget. The cocoa used to prepare this dessert was harvested in 14 countries around the world, and La Madeline whipped cream contains the most desired product in the world – delicious truffles.

The entire dessert was topped with a sprinkle of 5 grams of 24-carat gold… Served in a cup decorated with gold and diamonds, it is on the Guinness World Records list. Price: $25,000.

A platinum cake made in Japan is an extravagant gift for newlyweds. This white icing cake is topped with platinum decorations such as chains, necklaces, brooches, pendants and even foil! No, this is not a cake on which a rich billionaire’s jewelry box was thrown.

expensive desserts and cakes
Luxury can be delicious

Exclusive cakes and desserts – amazing prices

The platinum covering all these details is one hundred percent edible, while remaining the realest platinum in the world. Its creator, Nobue Ikara, dedicates it to all women. At the same time, the baker wishes that women would wear more platinum jewelry… Price: $130,000.

Exclusive cakes and desserts from New Orleans. A cup filled with delicate cream, mint and strawberries is practically one of the most expensive desserts in the world, is worth a trifle 1,400,000 dollars! Why? On top of the dessert is a beautiful 4.7 carat pink diamond ring belonging to Sir Ernest Cassel, former English Minister of Royal Finance.

The dessert is served by waiters wearing white gloves, who additionally serve it with a set of wines worth $24,850 and, of course, the event is accompanied by live jazz music. One thing is certain: every woman would like to be asked to marry her in this way!

exclusive desserts and cakes
Luxurious desserts and cakes

Sweets with diamonds

Christmas fruit and diamond cake. Created with the holidays in mind by bakers from Tokyo, it was put up on Christmas Day for a special auction titled Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle. It took 6 months to design the cake and over a month to prepare it. The intricately finished patterns contain as many as 223 small diamonds, which are of course not edible. Fortunately, the rest of the cake is fully edible. Price: $1,650,000! Happy Christmas!

As in the case of alcohol, the dizzying amounts of the above-mentioned desserts are justified only by diamonds, platinum and crystal-encrusted cups. However, it cannot be denied that confectioners, who create exclusive cakes and desserts will never cease to surprise us. We’ll definitely be hearing about a $2 million dessert soon.