“Dior Cruise” 2024 – on the way to Mexico

'Dior Cruise' 2019 Group Shot Estelle Hanania For Dior Preview
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Dior, as one of the most famous fashion brands in the world, often presents its collections during fashion shows and so-called fashion weeks. Nevertheless, they also organize special events such as holiday boat shows where their designs can be seen. And as it turns out, such a cruise is fast approaching. The fashion house revealed its collection “Dior Cruise” 2024 will present in Mexico City 20th of May. We don’t know the exact location yet.

Continuation of tradition

Anyone who has had the opportunity to delve into the brand’s activities knows that its artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, combines fashion with culture and art in her approach to creation. In fact, he has been on board the brand since 2016. In their collections Chiuri often refers to the history, traditions and culture of various regions and nations. She also often addresses social issues such as gender equality, feminism and diversity. Her collections for Dior reflect her strong beliefs and have, of course, been gaining recognition among fashion critics and brand supporters for years.

The “Dior Cruise” 2019 collection inspired by Mexico.

source: vogue.co.uk

After taking his collection on a cruise to Marrakech, Athens and Seville, we had the opportunity to see the Dior show in Mumbai last fall. It was held in cooperation with Chanakya, a Mumbai atelier and craft school for women. During it, unusual Indian embroidery were adapted to the exclusive style of Dior. This year, the designer will continue her tradition of cooperation with local craftsmen.

“Dior Cruise” – Mexico is no longer only in my thoughts

It turns out, however, that this year’s event is not the fashion house’s first contact with this Latin American country. In the “Dior Cruise” collection for spring 2019 presented in the French city of Chantilly, the designer looked for inspiration in “escaramuzas” – traditional Mexican women on horses. “What’s most fascinating to me about escaramuzas is that they perform a sport that is generally believed to be the domain of ‘macho’ and they do it dressed in traditional, exceptionally beautiful and feminine dresses” – these are the words of Chiuri herself.

source: https://www.vogue.pl

That’s why her models appeared at the Chateau de Chantilly wearing variously decorated and modified versions of these dresses. Analyzing the clothes of Mexican Amazons, the creative director delved a little deeper into the history. She also studied styleadelitas– women soldiers fighting during the Mexican Revolution in 1910-1920. These women were known for a passion for red lips, massive silver jewelry and voluminous, embroidered skirts.

Tourism boom

An interesting aspect when choosing unusual destinations for brand shows is the promotion of the place itself. Dior shows are huge events in the fashion world, attended by designers, fashion editors and celebrities from all over the world. Organizing such an event naturally attracts media attention, which contributes to a potential increase in tourism revenues. It seems that this is an additional advantage of this type of projects, and the current artistic director is perfectly aware of it.

“For Maria Grazia Chiuri, each cruise collection is like a dream map, a celebration of the skills and cultures of the world. For this unique show to be presented in Mexico City,the house wishes to pay tribute to the splendor of Mexican heritage. Through these exciting dialogues, the creative director will highlight some of the emblematic figures and creativity of this country, which has been dear to Dior’s heart since the house’s founding in 1947, the fashion house said in its official statement.

Día De Los Muertos Cultura Mexico
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