Home Fountain – original and beautiful interior decoration from Trea Ceramiche

home fountain

Home fountain it doesn’t have to be associated with a tacky and unstylish interior. Italian designers took care of it down to the smallest detail….

A brand from southern Europe, Trea Ceramiche, is a unique family manufacture. Its interesting story begins in 1968 in… a garage. This is how many companies began their adventure with business, successively was gaining world market.

indoor fountains
A home fountain is made by hand

Today, sons Michele and Beppe work for the brand’s results. They are the ones who set exciting trends and solutions. The most important thing is that they do not forget about the goals set by the founders, which is why you can feel the family atmosphere here.

What is a home fountain made of?

The product, as well as the entire Trea Ceramiche collection, is made of high-quality ceramics. Additional materials include 24 carat gold, platinum, glass and Swarovski crystals.

home indoor fountain
home fountain with an elephant for good luck

Italians use luxurious raw materials to increase the prestige of the product.Of course, handmade work is the key to the uniqueness of an item such as a home fountain.Modern arrangement does not have to be based only on creating designer and modernist interiors. That is why gilded and typically Italian forms are desired by customers from all over the world.

The style in which they are made proves a very high design culture and approach to production. So, the final effect is extremely important….

home fountains
a home fountain doesn’t have to be boring!

Where should the home fountain be placed?

The best place will be an open staircase at home. So that the product is visible in a central place. This is the space between the entrance and the stairs – so that every guest visiting us can see the fountain in a broader perspective.

Ultimately, it can be placed in large living rooms, semi-open terraces, closed winter gardens and anywhere where there is not much frost. Why – because it is not a typical garden product, which we should remember.

elegant home fountain
illuminated Italian fountain

Such a luxurious decoration can illuminate and brighten any cold room. The majority of fountains it has lighting installed, which enhances the water effect.

What are the dimensions and prices of the Trea Ceramiche home fountain?

Each of them is placed on a beautiful decorated pillar. Its dimensions start from 70 cm and above. The whole height ranges from 160 cm to over 2 meters!

This is a large decoration, remember this when designing your elegant interior.

fountain house
Trea Ceramiche – shop www.luxuryproducts.pl

The amounts you have to pay for this exciting Italian decoration start from PLN 9,000. The most expensive of them costs over PLN 30,000. Which is not a staggering sum considering the luxury and quality of workmanship. The product is the brand’s home fountain Trea Cermiache can bring a lot of positive energy to your interior. In the era of mass production, there is less and less originality, so let’s pay attention to what is elegant and unique. Save