Dior x Parley for the Oceans – third capsule collection

Dior X Parley For The Oceans
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Dior x Parley for the Oceans is a cooperation whose effects have already appeared on the market twice. In a fashion that places an increasing emphasis on sustainability, luxury brands are becoming leaders in eco-innovation. Since 2019, Dior has been teaming up with Parley for the Oceans to create beachwear made of certified organic textiles. In March 2023, their second beach collection saw the light of day, filled with light, bright styles that turned out to be a hit in the eyes of fashion lovers and ecologically conscious customers.

Now, in 2024, they proudly present their third beachwear collection, full of innovative solutions, to the world. It is not just a fashion statement, it is an expression of commitment to the fight to protect the seas and oceans, whose ecosystems are extremely important. The collection, a collaboration between Dior and Parley for the Oceans, will soon be available in stores. The premiere in Dior boutiques is planned for Thursday, May 16. This is a great opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to discover these unique, ecological propositions.

The right tools

Parley for the Oceans is an organization whose main goal is to protect the seas and oceans through innovative ecological solutions. Since its founding, it has become a voice for nature, mobilizing the international community to work for change. The central point of their activity is the fight against plastic pollution of marine ecosystems. Parley for the Oceans is not only an institution – it is a movement that engages artists, designers, scientists and society alike, in broad-based efforts to protect our oceans.

Dior X Parley For The Oceans Third Capsule Collection
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The Dior x Parley for the Oceans collaboration is important not only for the world of fashion, but also for global environmental awareness. This unique cooperation brings more than just subsequent beach collections – it is a symbol of our common desire to protect our planet. Dior, using certified organic textiles and innovative materials made of ocean plastic, is becoming a leader in sustainable fashion. Every step in this cooperation is a step towards change. It inspires not only other designers, but also consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. It’s more than fashion – it’s a commitment to fight for a better future for our planet. It is a fight for the planet, where luxury means not only beauty, but also care for the environment.

Dior x Parley for the Ocean – what will the third collection bring us?

Last season, Dior presented a wide range of fashion proposals, from knit vests to waterproof shell jackets. There were also classics such as Seersucker. Now, in the latest offer, we will find T-shirts, knitted polo shirts, practical waterproof capes, stylish swimming trunks, elegant striped sweaters, comfortable H-Town sandals and unique accessories. In particular, it is worth paying attention to accessories such as a hammock and a stand-up paddle.

Interestingly, all this wonderful assortment has been washed in shades reminiscent of nature. From sea blue to sky blue, from aqua green to Dior gray and pure white. However, what gives this collection a special character is the fact that all the fabrics used are environmentally friendly. Dior decided to use certified ecological fabrics and also used 30% plastic ocean fabric from Parley for the Oceans.

Dior X Parley With New Ecological Collection
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“I am proud to be part of Dior’s transformation towards more sustainable fashion,” said Kim Jones. ” For me, nature is extremely important, just like for Monsieur Dior himself, so I am glad that our work contributes to the protection of our environment.” These are important words, emphasizing the importance of this unique cooperation, which we have the opportunity to follow for the third time.