Designer cutlery for special people

designer cutlery

If designer cutlery Is it fashion only for the chosen few and those who want to equip their home only with luxurious products and accessories? Not necessarily. Modern trends assume the possibility of combining styles and combining them so effectively that a whole is created straight from dreams.

designer cutlery
The Delarboulas brand offers exceptionally designer cutlery

Designer cutlery inspired by abstraction

An unusual combination of the highest quality products, most often silver-plated or gold-plated, with geometric classics and abstraction full of imagination and infinity, is something more than a standard set of cutlery. This is a set with which you want to decorate an elegantly furnished dining room and living room and place it on a lavishly set table, for any special occasion.

design cutlery
Delarboulas twisted cutlery – shop

Silver, silver plate and gold plated cutlery they emphasize the good taste of the owner of the house. And well-selected sets become an investment for years. Handmade cutlery is not only beautiful, but above all very solid.

Elegant cutlery to decorate your home

Artfully decorated and completely unique cutlery sets are a real decoration of every home. Thanks to them, an atmosphere full of elegance and the desired sophistication can reign on the table. Guests may fall in love with the impressively decorated cutlery, finished with Swarovski crystals.

exceptionally designer cutlery
Gold-plated Delarboulas designer cutlery

Designer cutlery is a small work of art that means more to collectors and enthusiasts than a standard work on canvas enclosed in a wooden frame.

These are handmade specimens, mainly by small factories and true enthusiasts of applied art. Designed for people who love real and unique design.

elegant cutlery as a gift
Gold-plated version with Swarovski crystals – any questions: [email protected]

Original in all its form – such designer cutlery is the top of the pyramid of dreams

Precise workmanship combined with an unusual idea and a truly magical effect are more than you can imagine. You have to feel this when eating an elegantly presented meal in an equally unique form.

luxury and designer cutlery
And here we have the stylish Port au Prince collection

Designer cutlery made by hand is a real sensation and a choice for years. They will delight you from the first day of use – forever.