1. This blog utilizes the so-called „Cookie files” which are saved on end devices of Users and Guests visiting the aforementioned blog. The utilization of the „Cookie files” aims at improving the functioning of the Blog on end devices of both Users and Guests. Users and Guests shall agree for saving Cookie files on their end devices by the Administrator in the form of text files and IT data. The aforementioned files shall not interfere with the integrity of the system of Users and Guests and shall be predominantly utilized to track statistical data by the Administrator of the Blog and to adjust the content of the Blog to User preferences. Cookie files shall not change the configuration of Users’ computer and shall not install malicious pieces of software. Website browsers accept Cookie files by default. They can be disabled at any point, which may, however, result in the improper functioning or the inability to access the Blog. The entity storing Cookie files on end devices of the Users and accessing them shall by the website operator.
  2. Cookie files are IT data, especially text files that are stored on end devices of Users and Guests and allow for the proper functioning of individual subsections of the Blog. Cookie files typically include the name of the website they have been sent from, storage time, and their unique number.
  3. Blog Administration shall not collect any pieces of information in an automated manner, except for data included in Cookie files.
  4. Blog may utilize the following Cookie file types:
    1. vital ones – allowing for the proper functioning of the Blog,
    2. performance-oriented ones – allowing for gathering data on the Blog usage method,
    3. functional ones – allowing for storing Blog settings selected by Users and Guests,
    4. security ones – allowing for the improvement of Blog’s security level,
    5. advertising-oriented ones – allowing for providing promotional content better adjusted to the preferences of Users and Guests.
  5. Within the scope of the Blog, advertisements of external websites can be displayed, which is connected with the use of Cookie files or software components by external advertisers.
  6. Cookie files may be used to:
    1. adjust the content of subsections of the Blog to preferences of Users and Guests, as well as to optimize Blog’s performance; said files allow for identifying end devices of Users and Guests and display the website properly while at the same time adjusting it to Users’ individual preferences;
    2. create statistics making it possible to understand how both Guests and Users utilize the subsections of the Blog, which may in turn translate into the improvement of their structure and content.
  7. Within the framework of the Blog, two basic Cookie file types are utilized, namely: session cookies and persistent cookies. The former ones are temporary files that are stored on end devices of Users and Guests till their logging out, exiting the website, or closing the application (Internet browser). Persistent Cookie files are stored on end devices of Users and Guests for a specific period of time or till they are deleted by Users or Guests.
  8. Users and Guests can change their Cookie file-related settings at any time. Said settings can be changed in such a way to block the automated management of the aforementioned files by the Internet browser used or to disallow sending information on being stored on end devices of Users and Guests. Detailed data on Cookie file storage and management can be found in settings of the utilized Internet browser.
  9. Limiting the scope of utilization of Cookie files may negatively impact the performance of individual subsections of the Blog.