VIP deskset – luxury straight from a Spanish manufactory

Have you ever pictured a VIP deskset made of walnut wood, 24-carat gold, high quality 24% lead crystal and zinc alloy?

If you have not, keep on reading this article to discover this unique accessory straight from a hand manufactory in Spain. Being both classically elegant and wonderfully fresh, this deskset makes a classic office exude a remarkable look, prestige and splendor.

After all, that is what we want when we buy such exquisite products – we want our interiors to reflect our status and admiration for genuine quality.

VIP deskset – Credan Sa brand

This timeless and exceptionally luxurious product is made by Credan Sa, a brand which specializes in stylish and exclusive hand-crafted desk organizers.

This wooden VIP deskset is called Shakespeare. On its beautiful base made of varnished walnut wood rests a large and heavy crystal inkstand covered with 24-carat gold. An elegant pen is also included in the set.

This extremely prestigious and impressive accessory is hand-crafted with utmost attention to the smallest details. The details and the quality reflect the astonishing craftsmanship of Spanish artisans who poured their love of art into this beautiful deskset.

VIP deskset with twelve layers of varnish

Yes, it is correct! We search for and offer only perfectly crafted products, such as hand-made goods. Multi-generational manufactures love to design spectacular and beautiful objects.

This beautiful VIP deskset is covered with twelve layers of special varnish, and the effect is stunning. A stylish desk with the varnished walnut wooden accessory is an impressively elegant sign of prestige!

The varnish does not only emanate style but it also protects the wood against the effects of time, which is very important in long-term use.

VIP deskset – Shakespeare and crystal glass?

It was the intention of the Credan Sa to name its top product in an exceptional way which would adequately reflect its originality – that is why it got its name from the most outstanding playwright of all times – William Shakespeare. I think that the name perfectly reflects the undeniable luxury of the Spanish VIP deskset.

Crystal glass is also known as lead glass, and it is lead to which the structure owes its unique properties, such as the unusual dispersion or refraction of light.

As the sunshine strokes this structure a truly unique spectacle can be admired.

VIP deskset – for the love of luxury interiors

Office managers often focus on luxury furniture, carpets, beautiful lighting, while forgetting one important thing – the desk. Desk setup may represent who its owner is and reflect her or his position within an organization.

Original and functional accessories, such as the VIP deskset turn the interior into a prestigious office. An empty desk top does not look good, and it certainly does not look professional.

Arranging your future office is worth a lot of planning and attention because it is the details that will contribute to your success.

Let me wish you all the best building your image and making the best possible first impression!


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