Terms and Conditions

§1 General considerations

  1. Definitions of terms utilized within the scope of those Terms and Conditions:
    1. Terms and Conditions – this document specifying terms of managing and utilizing the WE LOVE LUXURY LIFE.COM  website (hereinafter referred to as: Blog) available at http://weloveluxurylife.com/ supervised by its Owner, allowing Users to freely browse the website available in the following domain weloveluxurylife.com, including browsing the published materials and content, commenting, and quoting materials available on the Blog.
    2. WE LOVE LUXURY LIFE.COM Blog – website aimed at people interested in luxury, focusing on describing and reviewing the widely understood luxury goods market. The Blog is also the form of business operation of the Owner, meaning that the content published therein may have the form of an advertisement or promotion.
    3. Owner – owner of the Blog, namely Luxury Products Cylwik General Partnership with its registered seat in Bialystok, Raginisa 9/10 a Street, 15-161 Bialystok, records relating to which are kept by the Regional Court in Bialystok, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the following NCR number: 0000516574, TIN number: 5423238705, and REGON number: 200869111. The Owner shall also act as the Administrator.
    4. Opinion – comment relating to a material published on the Blog.
    5. User – person taking advantage of the Blog after registering or logging in, reading the available posts and materials or commenting either them or other Users’ opinions.
    6. Guest – person using the Blog without registering or logging in, limiting his or her activity to reading published posts, materials, and User opinions.
  2. Blog name, concept, graphic design (layout and composition), as well as posts and materials published by the Owner on the Blog shall be protected by law.
  3. Property rights to the Blog shall be exclusive to the Owner, whereas rights to individual elements of the website may be owned by third parties: natural persons, legal persons, or other entities the materials and content of whom have been published by the Owner on the Blog.
  4. Owner shall agree for the materials and content published on the Blog to be disclosed, providing that they will be published together with the URL of the subsection of the Blog they have been taken from and data on the origin on the material (the name of the Blog). Otherwise, the Users shall not be allowed to disclose the materials, including copying, multiplying, selling, or disclosing them in any other way, both in part and in their entirety. It shall be prohibited to utilize the published materials to conduct an organized business or non-profit undertaking without prior receiving a written consent of the Owner.
  5. All data published by the Owner on the Blog shall be taken from sources considered to be trustworthy and tested. The Owner shall do his best to ensure that the content published on the blog is accurate, up-to-date, and constantly available. However, the Owner shall not be responsible for inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and errors in the materials, as well as for their unavailability at a given time, including the lack of responsibility for the outcomes on relying on such materials.
  6. While taking advantage of the Blog, it shall be highly recommended to utilize an anti-virus software. The Owner shall do his best to ensure that the Blog is free from any and all viruses, but he shall not be responsible for the outcomes of using the Blog that may affect the IT system of the User and Guest, including technical and data processing infrastructures.
  7. Owner shall not be responsible for legal, financial, and other consequences of utilizing materials published on the Blog by Users and Guests.
  8. Owner:
    1. shall not be held responsible for breaks in Blog operation caused by force majeure, hardware malfunction, or an unauthorized access of the Users,
    2. shall not be held responsible for a temporal inability of the Users to access the Blog caused by introducing amendments and improving the system. The Users shall be informed about technical breaks and their duration via a notification published at: 28.02.2019 .

§2 Ordinal provisions

  1. Each User and Guest utilizing the Blog shall be obliged to comply with the provisions of those Terms and Conditions. Each User and Guest shall not attempt to perform any actions that could make it problematic or impossible for the Website to function, as well as to undertake any actions that may cause harm to the Owner, Users, and Guests.
  2. Owner shall not be held responsible for third party materials and content published by the Users on the Blog, especially for comments. The responsibility of the Owner for possible damages caused by the Users in relation to the published content shall be limited to the extent allowed by the applicable law regulations.
  3. Users can comment on the published posts and materials by using text boxes under the materials and posts published by the Owner. Blog User, by publishing his or her opinion on the Blog, shall allow the Owner to disclose his or her nick and/or photo together with the opinion sent. Comments shall be published after being accepted by the Administrator.
  4. By posting materials and content on the Blog, the User shall claim that he or she has all the copyrights necessary for publishing it and that he or she allows for their unlimited and unconditional publication on the website.
  5. Users shall be prohibited to:
    1. Utilize usernames (so-called nicks) that are insulting or discriminating in character, as well as that promote their own activity or business activities of other parties,
    2. Resort to rude and insulting words or phrases while publishing their comments on the website,
    3. Engage in conversations that are not connected with the major subject of the Blog,
    4. Insult, discriminate, or disgrace other Users or third parties,
    5. Publish uncalled for commercial information and perfor commercial, promotional, or advertising activities,
    6. Express views that are prohibited by the Polish law, especially relating to increasing hatred towards other people, minorities, and ethnic groups,
    7. Use names, surnames, or other personal data while publishing their comments on the website,
    8. Spam by publishing brief materials not connected with the topic of a given discussion or having no factual informative value.
  6. Each case of failure to comply with those Terms and Conditions shall be reported to: weloveluxurylife.com
  7. Owner shall reserve the right to, via the Administrator:
    1. delete or refuse to publish opinions incorporating words and phrases that are insulting, humiliating, non-compliant with Polish law, breach societal norms, or violate third party rights.
    2. delete or refuse to publish opinions incorporating or being advertisements of other parties, including promoting their products and services,
    3. delete or refuse to publish opinions that are not connected with the topic of posts and materials published on the Blog.
  8. Notwithstanding the above, the Administrator shall be allowed to delete or refuse to publish opinions that are not compliant with those Terms and Conditions.
  9. User can, within the limitations specified by those Terms and Conditions, publish his or her opinions, including negative ones, relating to a given topic or opinions of other Users of the Owner. Criticism shall, however, be based on facts and sensible arguments.

§3 Digitally rendered services

  1. In order to be able to properly use digitally rendered services, Guests and Users shall have:
    1. Internet connection;
    2. Computer hardware and software, including an Internet browser allowing for displaying HTML files and processing the so-called „Cookie files”. The following popular Internet browsers can be utilized for the said purpose: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.
  2. Digital rendering of services shall be oriented towards allowing Users and Guests to access all the functionalities of the Blog, as understood by the Act of 18th July 2002 on Digital Service Rendering, relating to remote service provision based on transferring data on an individual request of the Ordering Party by means of devices allowing for digital data processing, compression, and storage, in the case of which data are transmitted, received, and sent via an IT network, as understood by the act of 16th July 2004 on Telecommunication Law. The said digitally rendered service shall be free of any charge.
  3. Digital Service Rendering shall be concluded when Users or Guests start using the provided service that is – when they take advantage of any functionality of the Blog. The service shall be utilized by the Users in compliance with the provisions of those Terms and Conditions.
  4. Users and Guests can discontinue using the digitally rendered service at any time. The Agreement discussed above shall be terminated when they stop utilizing any functionality of the Blog. In such a case, Digital Service Rendering Agreement shall be terminated automatically, without the need for any other arrangements.

§4 Final remarks

  1. Those Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Owner at any time.
  2. Those Terms and Conditions incorporate the following annexes, being their integral part:
    – Annex no. 1 – Newsletter.
  3. Those Terms and Conditions can be accessed online at 28-02-2019, as well as – on request – in a form allowing for gathering, viewing, and copying the content of those Terms and Conditions via an IT system, especially by copying and saving the document on the end device of Users and Guests or by sending it to the e-mail address of Users and Guests.
  4. Notifications on changes introduced to those Terms and Conditions shall be published on the main page of the Blog.
  5. Owner shall reserve the right to interpret the content of those Terms and Conditions in a binding manner, in compliance with the applicable law regulations.
  6. Complaints and issues relating to the digitally rendered services, especially to the functioning of the Blog and the available materials, content, tools, and services, shall be sent to: michal@luxuryproducts.pl
  7. All disputes connected with utilizing the Blog and not settled in an amicable manner shall be settled by a court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Owner.
  8. Those Terms and Conditions, as well as principles of Blog utilization shall be governed by the provisions of Polish law.
  9. Those Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of their announcement.