The prodigy of Pop Art – Janusz Orzechowski


Janusz Orzechowski is an artist from a completely different plane. He treats painting as a futuristic adventure, straight from a colorful fairy tale. He clearly goes against the grain with his art. I love breaking patterns like this and getting lots of fresh ideas. Pop art loosely translated means popular art. However, in this case it is rather art with a surrealist twist. I invite you to the interview and get acquainted with the art of Mr. Janusz Orzechowski.

Mr. Janusz, welcome to Luxury Products. We are very pleased to show your works on our premium platform. Our customers appreciate high-quality painting, which makes us even more happy to cooperate!

Hello and welcome

Please tell us how your adventure with art began?

It all really started in earnest in college.Of course, I chose the university based on my interest and there, under the supervision of professionals, I improved my skills in drawing, painting and graphic design.


What is your greatest inspiration?

I like traveling, nature and film. In my early youth, I was inspired by comics and computer games. All this was a result of today’s style.

Pop Art or Surrealism?

I use and combine these two styles. Pop Art In my version, these are comic collages, and surrealism is the so-called post-apocalyptic landscapes.

In what direction do your paintings go and what do they express?

In post-apocalyptic landscapes, I try to show the triumph of nature on the ruins of modern human civilization.

From what I see, you love large image formats, please tell me why? Do they look better indoors?

A large format means a better effect in the interior, but it is also easier to paint such pictures and you can fit more on them.


In your works I see many points of contact with comic book characters. They appear in many paintings, where does this fascination with cartoon characters come from?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the inspiration came from comics and computer games.As we can see in recent years, comic book characters in cinema are experiencing a renaissance.

What interior style best suits your painting?

I would describe my style as realism, collage, pop art, surrealism and figurative art.

Does young art today look for inspiration in the street and is this happening in the broadly understood mass media?

My paintings sometimes resemble street art, but I have never painted on walls.As for Social Media, it is a great tool for promoting art and acquiring customers.

What is the greatest painting you have painted?

My largest work so far is a “hexaptic”, a painting consisting of six pieces, each measuring 100x100cm, which together made one meter high and three meters long.


Is it your idea to interpenetrate characters, cultures and eras in painting?

Yes, but later I saw many such works. It’s hard to come up with something innovative in this field.

Who is the buyer of your works?

I sold paintings in Warsaw. I currently work with a stationary gallery in Paris.There were customers from abroad, Europe and beyond,

According to Jan Orzechowski, what direction is today’s art heading?

Tough question. At one point I thought that abstraction would dominate painting.But I see more and more works that are very good in terms of technique, figurative, drawing on old masters.

What topics will you never tackle?

Everything has its limits, I don’t like things that exceed them.


The craziest picture you have painted?

There was quite a bit of it. I think I would choose “The Battle of the Dream Factory”, an interpretation of the “Battle of Grunwald”, canvas size 100x200cm, about 200 characters from the comic book game movie mixed on the set of Matejko’s painting.

Is Pop Art aimed at the eccentric or the sophisticated art lover?

I often don’t know the end customer of my paintings when the sale takes place through a gallery, so I don’t always know the recipients personally.

The last question. What will be the next motif in your painting?

The latest idea that I have already started painting is futuristic cityscapes in the cyber punk style inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

Thank you for the nice conversation, I wish you further success in creating such fascinating works and I keep my fingers crossed for our cooperation!

Michał Cylwik