Michel Lisowski – a true story

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A mind for business is the path to successMichel Adam Lisowski he is a man who rose to a high position thanks to his flair for business and ingenuity. He does not hide the fact that he likes luxury, and his approach to material matters is as nonchalant as his approach to matters of fun. However, don’t think that his passions are due to luck or stupidity – this man knew what he was doing, creating new businesses, and his story clearly proves that a head full of ideas and business skills can take you very far.

Lisowski – Pole?

His name is quite rightly associated with Poland, although he lived here for quite a short time. “Here”, i.e. in Warsaw’s Mokotów in the 1950s. His father, as a diplomat, traveled all over the world and never stayed anywhere for long.Michel Adam Lisowski (initially only Adam Lisowski, the name Michel was co-opted later) never hid his Jewish origins or the fact that even before his birth, in 1940, his father had to flee from Krakow. He returned to Poland again 10 years later, when he took up a position at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this was the time of Adam’s birth and childhood.

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Eight years later, the whole family moved to Vienna, where Adam’s father took up a position in the Polish UN mission, and his wife, Adam’s mother, started working as a librarian in the UN branch in Vienna. After the death of the head of the family in 1964, the family remained in Austria, where Adam attended an American school.

Mathematics, the queen of sciences?

The boy studied well enough to receive a scholarship to Princeton University, majoring in mathematics. As he himself admits in interviews, he spent the first money he received for his student residence on Oxford striped T-shirts, which he sold at a profit in Vienna. He started his first business not very early, at the age of 29, and with a quite innovative idea. To speed up the unloading of goods from ships in Saudi Arabia, Lisowski decided to use airships.The idea turned out to be a hit, and it soon led him to The Eden Group, a corporation in which he became a shareholder. Since then, he has been active in various fields, turning everything he touched into gold. And although there are a few darker points on his biography (claims about the exploitation of employees and molestation of one of the models), Lisowski does not bury his head in the sand, but continues to earn money while having a great time.

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To have fun and make money from it

Lisowski is currently best known as the founder of Fashion TV, the idea of ​​which he came up with when he was running a restaurant for clients from the fashion world. Since he often showed films from fashion shows in his club that guests brought to him, he came to the conclusion that starting a fashion television station would not only connect New York with Milan, but also make him a lot of money.This is what happened, and Lisowski’s image is by no means modest. Parties with models and posing on walls may not be very subtle, but they are grist for the entire media world, which eagerly writes about the luxuries in which Lisowski enjoys.Can you live without Fashion TV?Although the importance of Fashion TV is currently decreasing in the Western Hemisphere, we cannot forget that it revolutionized the world of fashion: until now, the fastest communication between designers took place at trade fairs and fashion days. Thanks to the specialized channel, not only specialists received insight into the world of their profession, but also laypeople could learn the secrets of fashion, or, as Lisowski himself put it, “so that men who like pretty women have something to look at.”Currently, Fashion TV can be watched on six continents, in over 200 countries around the world. It is mainly popular in Eastern Europe, India and China. More than half of the recipients are men. In addition, Lisowski founded the men’s channel F. Men and came up with the idea of ​​​​creating his own vodka line, F Vodka.

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Is it possible to live without Lisowski?Undoubtedly, Michel Adam Lisowski is a colorful bird in the world of show business, and although he may seem like a man who is just having fun, he has a keen eye for business. He breaks the stereotype of a mathematician devoted to integrals who stays up at night to develop his scientific career. Lisowski apparently calculated when he was young that counting could bring profit as long as he knew what he wanted to count. And he undoubtedly likes counting money and women.SaveSaveSaveSaveSave