Luxurious silver items – the story of an amazing world brand

It is difficult to imagine a premium branch of industry without exceptionally luxurious silver items. Some of them are undoubtedly luxurious silver-based goods. They are heavy, noble, and refined. Such items have been appreciated for centuries, but nowadays – we see them becoming even more popular than they have ever been before.

People love them in the form of jewelry, accessories, or utilitarian works of art. Due to the fact that prestigious silver goods to some extent showcase one’s social status, they are pursued by many and considered to be a long-term investment for entire families. Capital diversification can be observed frequently more frequently in the form of purchasing entire sets of silver tableware. Let us, however, focus on the true star of this article!

It all started with the initiative and enthusiasm of a young manufacturer, Angelo Schiavon, who, in 1944 (when he was thirteen), started specializing in his craft. The young boy in question practiced under the supervision of best goldsmiths and artisans whose forte was copper processing.

a luxury story about the brand

Angelo adored the goldsmith profession, so he decided to devote his life to create luxurious items out of precious metals. In 1957, he opened his very own goldsmith office in a small workshop located in the town of Treviso, next to Venice. It all started there. A small undertaking has become a grand manufacture focusing on the production of both beautiful and luxurious items made out of silver!

It is a true homage paid to traditional manufacturing and exceptional luxury. We can now utilize stunning silver items thanks to an exceptional goldsmith from Italy. Such a tremendous success of the brand is also the proof that there is always a place for people who are in love with genuine style and art.

Luxurious silver goods – determination in ambition are at the very core of every decent brand

Angelo Schiavon was gifted with a stunning personality, determination, and an exceptional willingness to act. It was all confirmed by his colleagues. The young Italian man used to start his work very early and finish it when all the other workers had gone home.

Thanks to his talent, exceptional objects that were highly desired by customers were made. Even though they were initially sold in antique shops and by local sellers, they became recognizable all over the world with time. They quickly won the attention of the aficionados of exceptional design.

It shows how difficult it is to design and create luxurious items out of silver. A lot of time has to be spent on every detail in order for the final product to be considered exclusive. It may be truly difficult, but Angelo proved that it was possible!

this man

The brand conquered the world and is highly appreciated even nowadays. It offers its customers exceptionally neat products that are made with meticulousness and true care. Such an approach was introduced by Angelo, who created the manufacture that can proudly operate even in the 21st century.

In 1975, Schiavon made a decision to grant people from all over the world the opportunity to try out his goods. Exclusive and highly specialized boutiques, in which such items were available, were set up to win the interest of the prospective clients.

Luxurious silver items – What is the company’s condition nowadays?

Today, it is a well-known, dynamic, and international brand that is perfectly managed and can adjust to market changes, as well as the needs of even the most picky customers. Reliability combined with experience make the Schiavon logo a seal of quality!

The company also focuses on the e-commerce channel. It is nowadays the best possible way of reaching customers interested in truly exclusive products. Modern brands have understood that to come directly to the client, they simply have to utilize the Internet. However, Schiavon has not abandoned its brick-and-mortar boutiques, as the success of the brand has been possible thanks to them.

history blends with modernity

A wide selection of products is made in such a way to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. The offer of the company incorporates decorative elements, tableware, exclusive liquor set, as well as other luxurious silver goods.

Throughout the consecutive years of cooperation with the Schiavon brand, we have been dealing especially with bold and stylish tableware collections. Our clients have been frequently opting for the brand in question, especially due to its vast portfolio and the guarantee of top quality. It is not only important for a prospective client, but also shows that a given brand can be considered to be a reliable one.

Luxurious silver items – How are they packed?

Each and every item produced is packed in a proper material by the representatives of the Schiavon brand and then put into a stylish box including the logo of the company. All the luxurious silver items discussed here are covered with a warranty and are provided together with anti-oxidizing cleaning cloth. Such goods are a perfect combination of the past and the present.

It has to be added as well that the company provides proper certificates to go with their items. While being in possession of such a document issued by Schavion, one can be sure that he or she is possession of top quality items.

As mentioned before, certificates are the guarantee of safety for the clients. For them, it is extremely important to be sure that the goods they purchase are made out of genuine silver. The Luxury Products company would like to wholeheartedly recommend the manufacture in question.

Luxurious silver items – all-the-rage at all times

Regardless of whether one opts for silver cutlery, elegant liquor buckets, prestigious silver-plated candlesticks, or other works of decorative and utilitarian art – one can be completely sure that they are extremely popular among the aficionados of refined taste. They seem to love beautiful items, and silver is all-the-rage at all times.

As far as I remember, there have always been shops offering silver items set up on main streets of various cities. Nowadays, there are less of them, as stunningly beautiful items can be bought online. They are still as popular as they have been in the past.

Art connoisseurs and lovers simply adore exceptional and perfectly manufactured silver items. Such goods have always been popular and they have always been sought after by people from all over the globe.

I do admire neatly made premium items and that I why I respect the Schavion brand so much. It combines well-tested manufacturing traditions with modern approach. The brand is now managed by a younger generation of professionals, which can be noticed by taking a closer look at the bold design offered.

I personally have nothing against it, because the synergy of experience of several generations can work wonders. Schavion shows what is truly important when it comes to luxurious products – family, multigenerational approach, and innovative design-specific solutions. I simply adore this Italian company!