The Rolex brand – Swiss desire in men

rolex brand

For some it is the comfort of possessions, for others it is a quiet life, perhaps fame. Only we ourselves know what the word luxury is and how many associations it evokes. But clearly one brand in the world has coined this exciting phrase. Rolex brand what we are talking about here means as much to every guy as desire and this is not an exaggeration.

Why is this name so clearly associated with something very elite?

Are these long-term marketing efforts or perhaps a typically male fascination with something that is not for everyone? The answer – just like the question itself – is not easy, because many factors contributed to the success.

It seems to me that the Rolex brand is, above all, a symbol in the history of watchmaking. An extraordinary and heroic pioneer who relied on his ideas and technologies that were unearthly for those times.

In 1926, a milestone was made in the history of timepieces, when the watch was enclosed in a waterproof and dustproof case and called it Oyster. Of course, not everyone believed that such an innovation could be produced, so the Rolex brand decided to use it.

Rolex watches
The first waterproof Oyster watch

A year after the first production, the watch was proven to be fully waterproof using a young Mercedes swimmer named Gleitze. For 10 hours, the daredevil swam in the canal with the product Rolex and the watch survived the daring attempt in perfect condition.

Mercedes Gleitze during a successful test with a waterproof Rolex watch

That’s why the Rolex brand is a precursor and a real gladiator, which few people remember today!

After a successful attempt at floating in the canal, the company followed up on this impulse. Its marketing featured famous athletes and even bolder achievements, of course all in the background with Rolex watches.

Apart from the fact of flying over Everest, let’s focus for a moment on the attempt to break the speed record. In 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell, one of the world’s fastest drivers, set a record of 300 miles per hour, or approximately 485 km/h, land speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

rolex brand

As you guessed, he was wearing this elite Swiss watch, and the Rolex brand was celebrating another success.

There were many more similar successes, such as the first self-winding watch, the Datejust. In 1945 this was something unusual and very innovative. Today, in order to exist, the Rolex brand must compete with many very good companies.

If only for a very simple reason, Rolex watches are no longer handmade. Which many connoisseurs consider a weakness.

This does not change the fact that the Rolex brand, according to the latest results of the Reputation Institute, is the most renowned company in the world. In their ranking, it came first in the city and this is a clear signal who deals the cards here.

People love Rolex for what it is and nothing will change that anytime soon.