Aurora fountain pens – design and exceptional story of the brand

Not many people are aware of the fact that Aurora fountain pens have been made for almost one hundred years. It has to be stated at this point that in 1919, the very first model created by this unusual manufacture was presented to the world.

The love of exceptional patterns, high-brow feelings, beauty, and culture – those are all the values that have shaped the image of the discussed Italian company for many consecutive years. That is why people who have been creating it are exceptional personalities.

Aurora fountain pens – what was the input of Albe Steiner ?


Albe was actively cooperating with an anti-fascist movement operating in Italy. It was a person encouraging Italians to develop their modern visual culture.
Thanks to his engagement, one-of-a-kind fountain and ball pens were created. Aurora had its own hero and a recognizable personality, who was known in Italy after the war thanks to the collaboration with such brands as, among others: Pirelli, Bertelli, Necchi, Arflex, and Lanerossi.

Yet another recognizable person responsible for shaping the image of Aurora fountain pens has been Giampiero Maria Bodino. He has been an exceptional and very original person. Bodino is considered to be a luxurious goods designer, which is justified by his cooperation with such brands as: Gucci, Bulgari, Cartier, and Dunhill.


Aurora fountain pens and their history

In 1943, as a result of Turin bombardment, the headquarters of the company was destroyed. That is why production facilities were moved to the northern outskirts of the city, next to a monastery and an ancient Abbadia di Stura church.

Nearby the aforementioned breathtaking and sacral monument, numerous business facilities have been operating. They have been a great background for something that words simply fail to describe. A cultural and intellectual development of monks has to a remarkable extent motivated factories and companies operating in the vicinity to work in a more efficient manner.

Nowadays, the brand wants to continue production of top quality goods characterized by long-lasting tradition and embrace the sacral nature of the area were the pens are produced.


Aurora fountain pens – examinations on the development of the brand

The owners of the company constantly cooperate with the European Institute of Design and the School of Art and Crafts in Turin. It has been caused by the fact that young people studying there have been setting modern design trends and conducting analyses and examinations on the utilization of innovative materials.

The discussed company is the subject of examinations and discussions included in many dissertations of students from various schools and universities. At the Faculty of Economy and Commerce, young people work on case studies in order to improve in the field of international marketing and fully understand the image of Aurora fountain pens.

Aurora fountain pens – exceptional gifts for every occasion imaginable

We deeply believe that said products are truly unique. Their uniqueness and exceptional design make them perfect gift ideas! Fountain pens are rather traditional and safe idea for a gift. What is more, the Aurora brand offers something much more than a traditional approach to gift giving only.

Due to the fact that the discussed fountain pens have been made by Italian design experts, they are exceptionally popular among aesthetes and decent design lovers.

One also has to be aware of the originality and prestigious nature of the famous manufacture in question. One should remember about that while looking for a satisfactory gift for a beloved one. Keep in mind that Aurora fountain pens are characterized by unusual character, stunning look, and overall execution perfection.

Said products show that both history and people managed to create something truly unusual and very peculiar

Aurora pens are products made with true connoisseurs in mind.


Italian Aurora ball and fountain pens are exceptional and luxurious pieces of house and office equipment. They are taken advantage of by writing lovers from all over the world.